News that ‘Set The Thames On Fire’ now has a UK release date of September 16th. The film will also be via digital platforms from September 19. Produced by Blonde to Black Pictures the film stars Sadie Frost, Noel Fielding and Sally Phillips. Blonde to Black Pictures was set up in 2012 by Sadie Frost and Emma Comley. The film is was directed by Ben Charles Edwards from a story by Al Joshua. The film co-stars Max Bennett, Michael Winder & Lily Loveless.

Two boys fall through a grotesque, nightmare London, endeavoring to survive and escape, and perhaps find hope together in this dark comedy.

This darkly comic story is about the power of friendship and the thrill of adventure when you have nothing to lose. Art, a struggling piano player and Sal, a compulsive liar, embark on a string of ludicrous escapades through a dystopian London, ruled over by a grotesque and tyrannical Impresario. Plagued by unease and discomfort, their friendship strengthens their resolve to escape the oppressive regime. On their adventures they encounter a deranged Magician (Hoyle), an anarchist witch (Phillips) and The Impresario’s twisted right-hand man (Fielding) leading to a final showdown with the despotic ruler himself.