Actress & writer Grace Blackman is planning to produce two short films titled ‘Room 22’ & ‘Intoxicated’ Filming will take place in August of this year.

Room 22 and Intoxicated will be rehearsed and filmed in just one week, created with two separate teams but funded together. The priority of this fundraising campaign is to provide paid work for fresh graduates, up-and-coming actors and film makers and increase their network. In the current film industry, there are vast listings for castings and crew opportunities labelled as collaborations, experience building, expenses only or in other words, unpaid. This has recently been highlighted in the media as well as by the British Actor’s Network, Equity, Actor Awareness and many other organisations.

By borrowing equipment, having small location costs and keeping expenses low, it will insure three quarters of funding goes to the cast and crew as payment for their hard work. Both crews have already been assembled, previously working with Fient Productions, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Ravensbourne College, Sony, BFI, National Film and Television School, The Arcola Theatre, Winners of Rob Knox Film Festival Awards and many others.

‘Room 22’ is a neo-noir short film inspired loosely on Macbeth filmed entirely in black and white, with select moments in full colour or red, black and white. It intentionally keeps the audience guessing and questioning, with psychological misdirection; first planting the idea of an affair between a man and woman before a sinister twist of a murder mystery ensues.

‘Intoxicated’ is also based in Shakespeare; modernising the Midsummer Night’s Dream lovers into a farcical, quick-paced, drunken, love-square, in which the characters are in the glorious chaos of post-party intoxication rather than the traditional love potion.

The film has a Kickstarter page at

Grace plans to shoot both films in south east London with separate casts and crews.

As is the norm with most small film projects securing the necessary funding is the first obstacle.

Grace said: “As an actor, the industry I’m going into is extremely competitive, and this fuels my desire to make my own work and take my career into my own hands.”

So if you can support this project in any way do visit the Kickstarter page and support UK and Independent film.