Out in the UK on October 28th is STARFISH from director Bill Clark. The film stars Joanne Froggatt & Tom Riley who play Nicola and Tom Ray a ‘normal’ couple with one young child and another on the way. Without warning their life together is shattered when Tom is struck down with a severe case of sepsis which results in him undergoing bilateral amputations of his arms and legs and a severe facial disfigurement.


( Joanne Froggatt & Tom Riley )

This film is based on a true story and does n’t gloss over the many and severe problems that all members of the family deal with during the aftermath. The screenplay is by director Bill Clark.

The performances from Froggatt and Riley are strong and very believable and they are well supported by Ellie Copping, Michele Dotrice, Phoebe Nicholls, Greg Haiste, Oliver Cunliffe & David Carr.


( Tom Riley as Tom Ray )

The film was shown at the 2016 Edinburgh International Film Festival and was well received by the critics

ScreenDaily Review

Please check your local listings for screenings and hope that it’s on at a venue near you. It’s not an easy watch but it’s a must watch.

The film’s website is at www.starfish.film

Here’s the trailer: