Hereford Films have released the the trailer for their British crime drama ‘Bonded By Blood 2’ Directed by Greg Hall from a screenplay by Simon Cluett, the film is based on the book by Bernard O’Mahoney the last surviving member of the infamous Essex Boys gang

The film stars Terry Stone (Rise of the Footsoldier) Mark Harris (The Hatton Garden Job ) Josh Myers (The Fall of the Krays) and George Russo (I Am Soldier)



In the aftermath of the legendary Range Rover murders, a group of younger, flashier and even more ruthless criminals emerge to fill the vacuum of power. They are Ricky Percival, kingpin of his own thriving drugs empire; Damon Alvin, an arrogant loudmouth with a short fuse; and Dean Boshell, a small time thief prepared to go to any lengths to find acceptance. Their underworld ambitions are fuelled by ego, greed and a lust for power that will not only tear their friendships apart, but lead them to tragedy and the ultimate injustice.

The film is produced by Neil Jones, Jonathan Sothcott and Rod Smith. the film is due out in early 2017 from Platform Entertainment

Here’s the trailer: