The premiere of RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER 3: THE PAT TATE STORY will be on Oct 26th at Cineworld in London’s Leicester Square. Attending from the film:

Craig Fairbrass
Danielle Mason
Emma Butt
Emily Wyatt
Jamie Foreman
Jamie Jewitt (Love Island)
Terry Stone

Arrivals from 6pm


The rise of ruthless Essex gangster Pat Tate, who blazes a path from Marbella to the Medway in the late 80s, peddling pills and snorting coke and crushing anyone who gets in his way, in his quest for cash and power. Double-crossed by an ex-pat drug baron, Tate ends up in prison. Undeterred, he establishes himself as top dog inside, and gets himself in shape in preparation for his release – when he plans to reclaim his turf the only way he knows how – with violence, and no mercy.